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Studio #97

Jean Plumer grew up in the South in a home where art was considered frivolous and certainly never a career. She fortunately had a grandmother and great-grandmother who were wonderful painters and they gave her “permission” to be an artist. Her love of art has inspired her to explore many mediums. She has enjoyed photography, painting in watercolors and oils, and was a graphic designer for many years. She feels this diverse background enhances her current job as an art teacher for children. Jean always has a favorite artist “du jour,” either historical or contemporary. She enjoys introducing her students to these exciting, diverse artists as she teaches them the joy of art.

Jean’s latest work explores the theme of our relationship to nature, often using the image of deer as a vehicle for expression. These paintings are in acrylic and maps are often painted or collaged in the work.

Jean studied fine art at Centre des Beaux Arts Décoratifs in Brussels, Belgium and is a summa cum laude graduate of Kennesaw State University with a BS in Art Education