Mixed Media | Acrylic

Studio #86


Tonya grew up in and around small town Georgia.  As a transplant to rural life, early childhood years were spent in South Georgia learning to fish, garden, ride horses, sew, and just "fit in".  Not until recently have these memories begun to surface in her artwork.  "I always felt like an outsider looking in...not completely comfortable in my skin, Tonya reminisces."  Always observant and just diving in, Tonya has a wide range of creative expression.  In order to visually render fond memories, she incorporates found objects, vintage print pieces, and textiles into her pieces.  Each piece is an abstract collection of memories connected to a carefree time with faith, family and friends.

Tonya graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia.  Her area of concentration was in Graphic Design.  This training is evident in her artwork.  "I love to experiment with motion, texture and composition.  My work has a strong graphic quality allowing me to focus on the main inspiration."