Artful Holiday Exhibition and Boutique

The Artful Holiday and Boutique at the Tannery Row Artist Colony kicked off this past Friday evening and on into Saturday. Artists were in their studios greeting visitors and discussing their creative process. The gallery is filled with works that are priced under 300 dollars and range from paintings, encaustic, textiles, sculpture, ceramics, photography, jewelry, mixed media, and handmade ornaments.

These items in the gallery will be up and available for purchase until Dec. 30th, 2017

The Vibrant and Engaging Work of Tonya Haswell


When first entering the studio of Tonya Haswell, the viewer is greeted with an explosion of whimsical and vibrant collages, assemblages, and texture filled paintings. Each work of art is a deep investigation; a new venture that many times brings forth an internal awareness or awakening. 

Objects such as vintage keys, clothing patterns, yarn, belt buckles, buttons and coffee grounds are used in Tonya's work. These objects are a spring board into dialogue, creating stories that are  symbolic of moments past, such as childhood memories of the artist's Grandmother. Other objects are placed together in a way that form new meaning, bringing even further value into the discarded. 

Each item that has been gathered, collected, and placed strategically onto the coffee stained or ripped surface, is then altered with paint or wax, as if to cover something that is no more, forgotten, or disappearing. These objects are then wiped away, partially - uncovering specific areas, giving the viewer just a clue of what the objects are communicating. 

Tonya's work entices and engages the viewer, by allowing them to incorporate their own stories or conclusions. Visit Tonya's studio at the Tannery Row Artist Colony, # 86.

Getting Ready for the Holiday Boutique at the Tannery Row Artist Colony

Artists, such as Judy Issak, are working hard to make new and exciting works for their 2017 Holiday Boutique and Open House. 15 artists will be in their studios ready to show and sell their new artworks especially created for the occasion. All works will be under 300 dollars and will range from small paintings, pottery, jewelry and holiday ornaments. Many of these new works will be highlighted in the gallery. Live guitar and light holiday refreshments will also be served. 

Young Artists at the Tannery

Little masterpieces are excitedly created under the direction of Jean Plumer, Artist, at the Tannery Row Artist Colony. Jean's students explore a multitude of mediums and techniques such as clay, watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, graphite and charcoal.

Saturdays are buzzing with creativity as the Tannery's young artists delightfully and carefully form their artwork.  Find out more about the Young Artists at the Tannery.




Acrylic Pouring with Judy Isaak

Judy Isaac uses multiple fluid, bold colors that easily glide across the canvas to create organic, even cosmic bursts of patterns. Take a look at this time-lapse video that highlights her studio process involving various steps of the acrylic pouring technique onto canvas. 

Visit Judy's studio at  the Tannery Row Buford Artist Colony to see the finished piece.

Studio Explorations with Bree Sauers

You can tell when first entering the studio of Bree Sauers that it is a sacred space full of works needing closer inspection. Bree works in a variety of found materials, anything from vintage clothing, metal, natural flowers and seed pods, to bees wax that comes all the way from a remote farm in Michigan. She makes her own encaustic, using her own formula of damar varnish resin, bees wax and oil sticks. Bree is in her studio almost every day welcome visitors.