Dear Artist,

We congratulate you for having the courage to “throw your hat in the... ring" of competition, and for submitting one or more entries to the 2018 Juried Spring Art Show!

The 2018 Spring Art Show will be a spectacular exhibit of over 80 paintings, photography, digital media, mixed media, textiles, ceramics, metal, and found objects selected from over 270 works. Because this event is open to a wide range of subject matter regionally, the entries represent an extremely diverse scope of artistic skill and ability. 

In selecting works for the exhibit, the jury was looking for over-all artistic excellence. Therefore, determining the presence of artistic excellence, the following components were heavily considered : composition / design, focal point, use of color, material and surface manipulation, unification, originality, creativity, feeling, and choice of subject matter. When artwork is not selected to exhibit, it does not necessarily mean that the jury does not like or respect it. As with any competition, a line has to be drawn. Where that line falls... is always, or at least partially, determined by space limitations.

The 270 total artworks entered this year reflect a 45% increase from last year. The over-all strength of the entries was greatly increased, resulting in more works being included in the exhibit than ever before. Obviously, however, we can’t continue to increase the size of the exhibit every year. This means that we will have to become even more selective in the jury process. It also means that wonderful works of art will be competing with other, wonderful works of art. 

What does this mean for you? It means that each year the bar of artistic excellence is raised higher, the competition among artists becomes even greater, the awards are more meaningful, and The Tannery Row Artist Colony Juried Art Shows become more prestigious and more respected!

The major goal of the Juried Shows at the Tannery Row Artist Colony is to both encourage and challenge artists to continuously strive for artistic excellence. 

If your entry was not accepted for this exhibit, it should not be taken as a defeat but should be considered simply as a challenge to continue that constant stretch for a higher level of artistic skill and excellence. We encourage each one of you to continue to accept the challenges along the path which leads to the rewards of excellence and to continue to “throw your hat in the ring” of competition. Competitions are a healthy component of the growth process, creating opportunities to set and achieve goals, setting forth examples to follow, and rewarding excellence.

A list of accepted artist names for the 2018 Spring Juried Art Show can be viewed online at http:// tanneryrowartistcolony.com by the end of the day, Feburary 24th, 2018.

The 2018 Juried Spring Art Show images can be viewed online also at http://tanneryrowartistcolony.com beginning on or possibly before March 11th, 2018. The awards will also be posted on this website beginning March 11th.

We appreciate your participation in the Tannery Row Artist Colony 2018 Spring Juried Art Show… and your part in helping to make it a success. We have every intention to continue to build this event into one of the most prestigious and highly respected juried exhibits in the State and hopefully the southeast. We welcome you to continue to participate in this exciting journey!



The Exhibition Team

Tannery Row Artist Colony

554 W. Main Street

Buford, GA 30518