Acrylic |  Architect  |  Watercolor |  Charcoal  


James H. Klippel was born near Philadelphia, PA July 3, 1957. Most of Jim’s youth was spent on and around the Chesapeake Bay, the Florida waterways, the Georgia coast, and the Chattahoochee River in northern Georgia. Jim attended Southern Poly Tech school of Architecture, where he received a Partial Scholarship for passive solar design. Jim is the Principle of James H. Klippel Residential designs, LLC, Architecture + Artisans.  Jim combines the latest technologies with art creating distinctive natural home plan designs. In the 1980’s Jim began writing and refining his “Terra-Homage”, discipline of organic architecture which merges art, science, and the spirit in a symbiotic living sculpture. Today, Jim paints, writes, and takes nature photographs, all of which he is combining in a forthcoming book.  

Jim’s paintings are primarily abstract, and /or impressionist in nature, and reflect the inner musical patterns, the spirit, and the flowing movement of all in our universe. Metaphors, and symbolism are woven into his work with color, and texture. Our inner “song” and the sea are the subjects he most explores in his art.